Create your first campaign

Your campaign settings determine how much of a commission to pay your promotion partners. Currently, Promote supports percentage-based and fixed-amount commissions in any currency.

By default, commissions are recurring until the referred customer cancels. However, you can limit it to any number of payments or months.

Give your campaign a name, such as "<Your Company Name> Affiliate Program" and choose how much of a commission to pay. We recommend paying at least a 30% commission — it might seem like a lot, but keep in mind you really want your promoters motivated to share your product.

Pay too little and your promotion partners won't be very excited about their earning potential. Besides, promotion partners sales are sales you likely wouldn't otherwise see, so (assuming your margins are unusually thin) you're still making a healthy profit even with a 30% (or higher) commission.

How commissions are calculated

When an invoice is paid (either an automatic subscription invoice or a one-off invoice) Promote will check to see if that customer was referred by an affiliate.

If so, Promote will calculate a commission from your campaign settings and the amount actually paid by the customer. For example, if your commission rate is 30% and a customer is charged $100, the promoter will earn a $30 commission. If the invoice amount is $100 but the customer has a $25 coupon (meaning they're only charged $75) then the affiliate will earn a $22.50 commission.

Commissions will be generated for every invoice paid by a referred customer.